Horsemode in Us is real and will only last on April Fools’ Day

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to play between us as a horse and not a little crewmate, wonder no more! Innersloth listened to fans and created a Horsemode for Between Us, and yes that’s true. Horsemode is an April Fool’s joke, but it’s also a real way players can play it. It’s basically normal between us, except you’re a horse. The mode is available now and will only last until the end of April 1.

Innersloth details what Horsemode will entail Articles. The killing sound of “neighing” will be made by programmer Gary Innersloth. Initially, the developers were going to use a real horse sound and only used Gary’s voice clip as a placeholder. But then they realized Gary’s voice was better and they kept it. There will also be a new animation of killing crooks which is described as “anti-climate”.

Horse crew members may only wear hats and masks; They can’t wear pants. Innersloth also writes that players should expect some bullshit because the mode is mostly a joke rather than a real one that can be played all year round.

The idea for Horsemode came from a tweet that Innersloth posted in 2021. The tweet contains a picture of a fellow horse and the words β€œwhat if.” It seems as if the developers at Innersloth took that as a challenge. Players who log in to Among Us at the moment will also register themselves ghost costume From Scream Series, tie to promote DVD and Blu-ray release of Scream (2022).

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