Heads For Giants WR Kadarius Tony

Giants are already moving from Kadarius Tony. Although the wide receiver was chosen in the first round of 2021, the Giants are trading him with NFL chiefs, NFL reporter Jordan Schultz Tweets.

Kansas City is sending a third-round compensating option and a sixth option to New York in place of Tony, who has once again struggled with injuries this season. While Tony has shown promise when available, injuries have largely prevented him from playing as a professional. The Giants will get the third round of picking the bosses who get the bears. Ryan Bulls GM designation, according to Albert Breer of SI.com (dated Twitter). Both the third- and sixth-round picks going to the 2023 Giants will be a pick, NFL.com’s Tom Pellisero Tweets.

Tony’s trade rumors briefly surfaced this season, but The giants shut them down. At that time, Big Blue’s new system was eager for this Seeing how Tony looked at the offense which also includes I will be Barclay. As Barkley returned to the top of his game, Tony fell off the base blocks. Injuries have hit both Tony’s hamstrings this season – one involving just 35 offensive shots – and Joe ShuenBrian Double The regime that didn’t recruit him would cut the bait.

Quadriceps and oblique injuries eliminated the Florida alum in seven joint games last season – one that included Tony’s game at Arrowhead Stadium – and an ankle disease forced him out of another game. Tony missed most of last year’s training camp with a hamstring injury and He underwent a knee arthroscopy This is offseason. The Chiefs are taking a gamble here, but the 6-foot-tall show has shown sophisticated sportsmanship during his brief cameo as a healthy receiver.

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Tony had 39 passes for 420 yards last year, which showed his quick shooting ability. He made a major impact in the Giants’ surprise win over the Saints—a six-holding and 89-yard performance—and dizzy the Cowboys for 10 receptions and 189 yards the following week. To illustrate Tony’s boom-or-bust career thus far, that game also featured Tony throwing a punch at the then-cowboy safety. Damontay Kazi. Tony was also kicked out of Giants training for throwing a punch last year.

In Florida, Tony zoomed in on the first-round radar with a season big 70-meter, 984-yard, 10 side-by-side touchdown. Kyle Bates. Prior to that season, the 2021 Giants invested only 300 yards in a college campaign. The Chiefs don’t have a large sample size to go on here, but they turned out to be one of the first Giants pioneers in the recent past. Giants cut 2019 first round from the back corner Dendry Baker, after an off-season arrest, ended up with superiors to add him. The Chiefs are clearly aiming for higher goals with Tony, as Baker didn’t make much of an impact during his time in Missouri.

Toney, 23, was signed during the 2024 season and could be kept on the junior deal until 2025 via a fifth-year option, although we’re clearly a long way from Toney being a suitable option. Giants will save $1.2 million against the cap by making this move, which comes after the Bosses Create a small space through restructuring Travis KelseyFor the second time in 2022. Kansas City still has a third driver in next year’s draft, along with two quarters. However, in the long run, the Giants will avoid $5 million plus in Tony’s salary payments.

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Tony, who has not played since week two, will have more time to acclimatize to him Andy Reeda crime. Presidents in their farewell week. Kansas City traded Trek Hill This off-season, which led to his overhauling receiving corps. Free Agency Add-ons jojo smith schuster And the Marquis Valdes-Scantling Leading the Chiefs’ attack, they both exit the 100 Yard Games in San Francisco. Heads also list Mikol Hardmanwhich is in a year contract, and drafted Sky More In the second round this year. Moore struggled early in his rookie campaign, and so were the bosses Both Odell Beckham Jr. And the Branden Chefs before the deadline. This Toney trade could knock KC out of the OBJ sweepstakes, as it’s somewhere between an ad move and a massive move due to the compensation involved.

Giants, who were hoping to enlist Defonta Smith Instead of Toney in 2021, he entered the season with a crowded reception room. But this group did not play together much. Huge disappointment in free agency Kenny Goladay He’s still out with a sprained MCL. Giants hope to trade former Lions Pro Bowler They faced foreseeable contractual hurdles. The team also lost its longest game on a grand scale, sterling shepherdfor this season.

Go ahead, Big Blue has Darius Slayton And the Wandell Robinson In the place as its main objective. Slayton’s rise to such a position is intriguing, given his latest place in the trade bloc after an unexpected period that saw his stock drop to the point where he accepted a pay cut. But these trade numbers will make the decade at scale an even more significant piece while making the wide receiver needed by the major giants in 2023.

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