Hawaii: Was a vacationer eaten by a shark? Only scraps of her bathing suit were found

Terrible accident on the island of Maui (Hawaii): A vacationer may have been eaten alive by a tiger shark!

The local authorities came to this conclusion after conducting an investigation into the incident. American Christy Allen (60) was on vacation with her husband. A snorkeling trip took her life!

This is how Christy Allen appeared on Facebook days before her death

Photo: Christine Allen/Facebook

Accordingly, the accident took place on December 8. Authorities have now released the results of their investigation. They consider a deadly shark attack!

Alan and her husband hit the water together and then split up to snorkel in different areas. Her husband, Blake, told investigators that they only saw each other occasionally.

According to his own reports, he noticed a shark 50 meters from the beach – his wife suddenly disappeared!

The witness saw a “red cloud” in the water

He frantically searched for his wife. in vain After a while, he noticed something red on the shark’s gills – so he described it to the authorities.

An eyewitness on the beach corroborated the man’s statements. Also: witness tells how the shark “ate something in the middle of a red cloud in the water.” Is it a dead vacationer?

The truth is: there is no trace of her after that incident! The rescue team searched for him for 40 hours. In air and water. However, according to reports, they found only scraps of bathing suits — and their snorkel sets.

After a while, a tiger shark was actually spotted in the area. He must have been about three and a half meters tall.

Christy and her husband lived in Washington state, where she worked as a massage therapist and life coach.

In a Facebook post, he told his friends how much he was looking forward to the vacation: “Chasing dreams! I’ve wanted to learn to surf for years. I’m determined to build a life that I love big and small,” he wrote. A few days later she died.

Terrible monster under the water Shark throws alien teeth

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