Guardians of the extension of Jose Ramirez

8:51 am: Cleveland has also actively discussed Ramirez’s trade scenarios in recent days, Bassan Tweets. The Padres, in particular, believed they had a legitimate chance of obtaining him, and there was some expectation that the Revolutionary Guards would have transferred Ramirez if a long-term deal had not been reached. Joel Sherman from The New York Post Tweets That the Padres, in fact, were trying “hard” to wrest Ramirez from Cleveland.

8:24 am: Jose Ramirez I will not go anywhere. The star player has agreed to a new five-year extension with the Guardians that will see him pick his 2023 club, select five more seasons and $124 million on his contract, Reports Jeff Bassan from ESPN. Ramirez’s contract is now valid until 2028 and also contains a full no-trade clause, with the guarantee that he will remain in Cleveland for an extended period.

The new contract is the largest in the franchise’s history but will still be considered a club friendly deal. Ramirez has emerged as one of the game’s elite at a time when annual salaries north of $30 million are commonplace, but the 29-year-old was “resolute” in wanting to stay in Cleveland during the negotiations, Tweets Zac Maisel from The Athletic. Ramirez is already set to earn $12 million this year, and the next year option now in place came in at $14 million, so he’ll now secure a $150 million total over the next seven seasons.

Before this new deal with Ramirez and this week extension from the nearest Emmanuel ClassThe Guardians didn’t have a single dollar committed to payroll after the 2022 season. Locking up Ramirez now puts any near-term business conversation to bed and puts him as a focal point of the squad during his 35-year season. Ramirez’s contract watches the $151 million extension South that Altuve signed at a similar point in his career and too shy of Nolan ArenadoA $234 million extension with the Rockies (although Arenado was just months away from free agency, while both Altuve and Ramirez were controlled through next season and one more via an affordable club option). Maximizing his annual salary doesn’t seem as much of a priority as staying with the team he originally signed and developed for, and it’s clear that Ramirez’s new deal offers more than a lifelong financial comfort.

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It’s a huge win for The Guardians and their fans to keep Ramirez locked in as the face of the franchise while the team begins a new era in the franchise’s history. Ramirez traded only one year after the end of trading Francisco Lindor And after a few months of a name change/change that wasn’t universally applauded by the fan base, it was hard for many old Cleveland fans to swallow.

Instead, Ramirez will continue to show his premium electric brand in progress for more than half a decade. While he debuted as an above-average player in 2016, it was the 2017 season that saw Ramirez rise to the ranks of MVP-caliber talent – and he hasn’t looked back since. Dating back to 2017, Ramirez boasts a .280/.365/.547 hitting streak (39 percent better than the league average, as measured by wRC+) with 144 starting points, 112 stolen bases (in 134 attempts) and defense Strong in third place. The rule and the second rule. There is practically no flaw in Ramirez’s game – proof of this is the fact that he only tracks Mike Trout And the Mocky Pets Total wins over replacement, per FanGraphs, since 2017.

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