Grand Theft Auto has recently gone under a update and Rockstar is banning the online players after this update. There is a huge uproar among the gamers following the ban after the update. At the end of the weekend, GTA Online community has seen a huge number of reports of unfair bannings after the GTA San Andreas Super Sports Update.

The ban which online players are facing will be lasting for 30 days. The outrage for the same is very much and this can be seen on Twitter or at GTA Online subReddit. The community has seen a series of bans earlier but this is said to be the biggest ban in the game community.

The players of GTA are suspecting that the Rockstar is banning the players who are having the mod tools installed. The ban is happening in spite of the players using or not using the modding GTA Online. The recent update includes a fix to the car-duping exploits. Some players believe that the anti-cheat measures are banning the players.

According to a support ticket, a player got a ban just after installing the game an hour ago. The issue brings a negative reaction to GTA 5’s Steam page. The bombings of the review have happened in past but this time it is happening in a large number which shows something has gone terribly wrong. The issue is reported only by PC players as the mod can run only on PC versions. Rockstar has not issued any update on this issue but it shows that something big is happening in the background.