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Gran Turismo 7: Developers Apologize for Shaky Launch, Promise a ‘Big’ Patch, Give One Million Credits


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Polyphony Digital has apologized for Gran Turismo 7’s rocky launch by offering players free credits and a “big” fix coming next month.

In a PlayStation blog postPolyphony Digital chief Kazunori Yamauchi has apologized for the “frustration and confusion it caused last week” when the developer lowered the rewards players could earn after the game’s release — leading many to say the developer was pushing them toward micro transfers.

The community quickly became upset, as they now had to play more to unlock the same rewards or pay up to $40 for one car, and the game was also unplayable for a day as servers crashed after an update.

To say sorry, however, Polyphony Digital will give away 1 million free credits, worth just over $10, that will be automatically awarded to anyone who played the game before March 25th and does so again before April 25th.

An update will also be released in early April to improve the economy of Gran Turismo 7, with the following changes implemented:

  • Bonuses in events in the latter half of the global circuits increase by about 100% on average.
  • Add high rewards to redeem circle experience in all gold/all bronze results.
  • Increase rewards in online races.
  • Include a total of eight new 1-hour Endurance Race events in missions. These will also have higher bonus settings.
  • Increased the upper limit for unpaid balances in players’ wallets from 20 million kroner. up to 100 million cr.
  • Increase the amount of used and legendary cars on offer at any time.

While these updates will arrive within the next two weeks, Polyphony Digital will also be running a number of other updates in the “near term”.

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This includes increasing rewards for limited time events, adding more global circuit events, adding endurance and 24 hour races, adding online time trials, and adding the option to sell cars.

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