As per a report by TechCrunch, GoPro is laying off 200 to 300 employees this week, largely from its Karma division. On Thursday, the company announced about the layoffs. The employees, who allegedly belong to GoPro’s aerial division, will remain on the payroll for another period of six months. In the year 2015, GoPro had already laid off about 750 people in part due to the increasing competition in the industry and in parts due to GoPro’s disastrous launch of the Karma drone.

Earlier, GoPro had laid off 15 percent of its staff in the year 2016 and had also eliminated its entertainment division. Later, about 17 percent of its staff was laid off in March last year.

The company was originally developing a drone along with DJI. But later, GoPro elected to do the work on its own and developed the Karma in 2016. After it was released, the buyers reported that it was losing operation while they were flying as its battery disconnected during operation. The Karma also faced competition from DJI’s Mavic Pro drone which housed better features that were missing in the Karma.

Besides these issues, many buyers also complained about the belt-tightening hurting them which seems like the result of poor management decisions and poor engineering. The company addressed to all the issues and came up with the required solutions. It claimed that the Karma drone was the second best selling drone in the US as of September 2017.

The series of layoffs show the company’s efforts to deal with the decline in sales and the ever-increasing competition. After so many cutbacks, the company still earned $15 million in profits in the third quarter of 2017 which is a huge leap from the massive loss of $104 million it suffered during the same period year before.

The latest Go Pro 6 camera that sports better image quality and stabilization received positive reviews. Hopefully this time things will be in the favor of the company’s employees.