Google’s Android Wear got a new name last week when it was rebranded to “Wear OS by Google.” Wear OS is now getting a new Developer Preview which is based on Android P. It got a new upgrade to a new Android version and also got other new features which are outlined in Google’s blog post.

Google is going for a default “Dark UI system theme” whereas in Android wear 1.0 it got a common white background with black text. Android Wear 2.0 got a dark theme and this change will bring something new for the customers as they are different from the common white background.

The background activity for the apps is limited completely  and Google said that “apps will no longer be allowed to run in the background unless the watch is on the charger.” Google has asked its developer to remove the background services from the apps. Push notification for the Wear will not get affected and other apps like fitness trackers or music players will generate an ongoing notification which is not a background apps.

To increase the battery life of the watch, the watch will itself shut down the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular radios when it detects that the watch is no more on your wrist. This will disconnect your watch from the internet when you are not wearing it.

The device compatibility is the major issue as the device only works with Huawei Watch 2. The present flagship of the Wear OS is the Android Wear 2.0 an LG Watch Sport. This was designed  with collaboration between LG and Google which comes with a slogan “Designed with our friends at Google.”

The changes which are stated are not sounding like a big improvement that a wear OS needs. There is no major new hardware that we can expect now.