GDC will be commencing from this week in San Francisco. Google is looking to have some new announcements in this event to make an impression on the game developers. The most awaited announcement is “Google Play Instant.” It will allow playing the game simply by clicking the link on Android devices and there is no need for installing the game. Google also points to improve its game ad ecosystem and multiplayer game servers.

VP of product management for Android and Google play, Sameer Samat says that “ the number one thing on their list is distribution.” These Instant Apps will make the distribution easier. Google is said to give platforms to the game developers with some tools that Google has developed.

Instant Apps are the apps that can run by simply tapping the “ Try Now “ button which is present inside the Google Play Store. These apps allow the user to play the game without installing the full app on the device. There will be some downloading process and after that, the game will start and you can play the game.  These apps are like web pages as you can link with them. If you opt out of the app, the app goes away and leaves an icon in your app drawer.

You can try this feature by going to the Google Play Store. The smartphone must be having the Lollipop version in order to try this feature. there are some games in the Play Store in which the “Try Now” buttons are available. The Google Play Store will be redesign and will have a section for the Instant Gameplay.