Google TV is rolling out a performance update with the app hibernating

Rolling out as of today, Google TV devices are getting a performance boost with a new update that also makes tweaks to improve the storage state many users are experiencing, in part with the addition of an automatic hibernation for the app.

In a brief post, Google explains that a new update is rolling out for all Google TV devices, including Chromecast with Google TV, and many others. The update focuses on two things, performance and storage.

Starting with performance, Google says this new update will hit both devices and remote controls, aiming to eliminate the “wait time” when waking up your device, as well as the response time between pressing a button and actions performed on the screen. It appears that these updates are already being rolled out to all users.

We’ve made updates to both your devices and remote controls to reduce waiting time. We’ve reduced the time it takes to wake up your Google TV, the response time between your TV and button clicks on your remote, and the amount of time you watch loading animations when you restart your device.

Another modification being made focuses on storage, which, as many Chromecast owners know, can be frustrating to deal with. Starting now, Google TV will automatically “hibernate” apps that haven’t been used in the last 30 days. Hibernating apps on Google TV will unload the app from your system when it’s not in use but keep the main data local so you can launch quickly when you want to use it again. You will need a device based on Android TV 12 at least for this to work. This includes Chromecast with Google TV, but not all TVs and other set-top boxes.

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Google also notes that bundles of Android apps on the Android TV OS, which Google announced last year it would enforce starting this month, will reduce the size of TV apps by about 25%.

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