The search engine giant – Google is recently seen testing a new app, called “Search Lite” on Facebook and, instead of an application, the new so-called app is expected to be a Data-friendly extension to its popular ‘Search App’.

Yesterday, on 17th August, Google introduced ‘Google Search Lite’, a less-heavy console of Google Search for Android in some selected regions. In the ads, posted on Facebook in Indonesia, Google is seen inviting users to take a trial of a new app, called ‘Google Search Lite’. Those who found the ad and signed up for trial started receiving a link which diverted them to try an experimental new search app, developed by Google. Technically, the new app is a light version of Google’s popular Search App which seems specifically targeted for mobiles users in Indonesian and the Indian market.

Android Police first spotted the app. Labelled ‘experimental’, the new app features a search bar alongside some customisable shortcuts which are helping users to find out various types of contents like weather reports, news, popular sites, and also Google’s translation services. Moreover, the option ‘Search’ is found to be working blazingly fast when users are inputting any keywords for surfacing results. In addition, it also has the possibility of baked-in browser, which is likely to be designed for delivering pages in the Lite Mode of Google for reducing the loading and buffering times. Moreover, there is also an option to choose between languages for search simply by swinging sideways on the front screen.

Apart from these features, Google Search Lite also features some adaptable shortcuts which can straight direct users to different content like social and entertainment news, ‘fashion’ and ‘beauty’ contents and much more. Under the Beauty and Fashion section, the app simply exhibits a never-ending stream of pictures, which can be downloaded and shared easily. In addition, just like the standard Google Search app, Google Search Lite is also capable of performing voice and text-based searches. However, with new Search Lite, the search bar is more smoothly accessible as it is presented on the bottom of the page and also displays suggested keyword on the tops of the page when the user is performing a search.

It seems that Google is also following the footsteps of other Lite apps like YouTube Go, Twitter Lite, Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite. The most common feature of almost every ‘Lite’ app is that they are usually available to some selected regions only but not restricted. But Google Search Lite seems to be universal when launched. Comments on Google on this matter and official declaration of the app is yet awaited.