Later this year Google will be blocking new users from creating short links with the help of Goo.gl URL shortening service. The current users are allowed to continue with Goo.gl console and to find out how many people are clicking their links. The new users who are going to this URL are not allowed to create a new short URLs. It is expected that during the year 2019, the existing users will be blocked from using the console but Google mentioned that the already shortened URLs will continue to work.

This step is said to be a crucial step as whole services depend on short URLs.  If the shortening services will close then it might create problems with archives. It can be better explained by taking an example in which any URL shortened with tr.im will not work further and also if there are some old tweets with links to URLs, it will also not work. According to the Google, it said that it will keep redirecting the links but it will not go to continue with service that will cost the company without any giving profits.

It is believed that the goo.gl URLs are not going to work forever but still, a lot of people do not like short URLs. These short URLs are not good for security but Google has a decent security system for the same. The protection which is offered by search company on all web links are found through the search and they serve a real purpose. It is very helpful to take long URLs and make them short. If you are using this URL then you can relate it to your phone or with the memory.

Many people use this service as Google service is safe but after the announcement of shutting this service Developers are on back foot as they have to re-code apps to release it in new versions. This will break the service to the old devices which are not getting any more updates.

Google is shutting its services since a long back and we cannot use the services of Google Reader and Picasa anymore. In spite of this discontinuation of many services by Google, people still love the giant and most popular Google+ is not in danger to get its service shut.

The users can use other alternates to shutting of the Google’s URL service which includes Bit.ly,Ow.ly and Firebase. Bit.ly is one of the popular URL short after the Goo.gl on the market. You need to create an account in order to create a short link on Bit.ly just by clicking “Create Bitlink”button. The Bit.ly is useful to create brand domains. Ow.ly is another short URL and it is run by popular HootSuite platform.  This tool can be used with HootSuite’s social media sharing services. Firebase is another platform for the developers by Google and the options suggest that they can create short links within apps. When it is implemented, then the developers will automatically see the detailed information about the clicks the link has received and many more.