In a recent bid to make its Keyboard, called ‘Gboard’ more responsive and easy-to-use for the users; the tech major Google has launched the support of Bitmoji for its Gboard for Android. As announced by the search engine major Google, the roll out for the Gboard for Android ha started, and users now will be able to enjoy the support for stickers for all those moments when they just can’t find the right words or GIF to express how they really feel.

As highlighted by Google in its latest blog post, the most recent update for Gboard for Android will upgrade the functionality of Google keyboard and will facilitate users to share downloadable stickers or Bitmoji. The shareable and downloadable stickers will be compatible with any app that supports the technology of image pasting, including the popular messaging apps on Android devices. According to Google, whatever you are feeling – thrilled or depressing, funny or drowsy, daring or strange, with new Bitmoji or stickers, you can express it quickly.

For this, Google also has worked with a few tech partners for launching the sticker packs for its popular keyboard app – Gboard. Though most of these sticker packs are free of cost, some specific ones including the Disney will cost you $1.99 for downloading its Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, and Toy Story stickers. Among free packs, users can get Hello Kitty, Google’s Allo selfie stickers, Garfield and NBAmoji. Moreover, users also can get free Minion stickers, as nobody is yet frustrated of seeing Minion memes.

To get started with the new version of Gboard, users need to update the existing version of Gboard from the Google Play Store and download any of the available sticker packs. Once the downloading is completed, the labels will start appearing in Gboard. Users can find the new stickers right next to the existing GIF buttons and emoticon. For iOS users, such things are quite familiar. Though Gboard for iOS is yet to roll out support for stickers, yet the labels on iOS, especially in iMessage aren’t exactly a new addition anymore.