Google renamed its Android Wear smartwatch to a new name Wear OS.  The news of this new wear comes before the Google I/O. Google I/O is the annual developer conference by Google in which Google announces its new software strokes and initiatives. The new Google hardware comes to market during the month of October.

According to IDC, Apple watch is on the top in global wearable sales. Apple watch is only compatible with iPhones. Fitbit also announced its new smartwatch Fitbit Versa which is compatible with both Android and iPhone. The renaming of its smartwatch by Google is a hint that the Google’s strategy for the smartwatch market is changing. As a part of Google’s wear OS announcement, Greg McKelvey, Fossil’s chief strategy, and the digital officer said that the Fossil group has doubled its sale in the Q4 and doing a business worth $300 million.

Google launched its watches a year ago with a software update and added some fitness smarts and phone functions. In comparison to Google smartwatch, Apple’s smartwatch has more advanced feature and better hardware. The Apple Watch S3 and Samsung’s Gear S3 can be a phone. Google had stopped adding phone feature to its watches after an uninspiring LG Watch Sport last year.

The changing of name by Google is a sign that it is making its watches to stand apart from Android. In a press release by Google, it said that “the aim is to build a wearable platform for everyone.” Android Wear Watches work with iOS but not efficiently. The problem is Apple’s software devices are more locked down. The features like replying to notifications, transferring music, controlling phone settings and many more will not work properly with iOS.

Google may come up with better software to challenge Apple’s smartwatches. Presently, Google’s Wear OS is not a better option in front of Apple’s watch.