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Google Maps exposes mafia boss after 20 years


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Thanks to a photo on Google Maps, the wanted mafia boss was arrested near Madrid.

© Screenshot / Google Maps

Mafia boss Gioccino Camino has been on the run from the Italian judiciary for nearly 20 years. Thanks to Google Maps, it was captured near Madrid.

Madrid / Castle – A mafia man sentenced to life imprisonment was captured in Spain in December 2021 after fleeing for nearly two decades. Analysts attribute the success of the search to the online map service Google Maps. Several Italian media outlets have reported on this.

Accordingly, Italian investigators have accidentally identified the notorious criminal Gioccino Camino in a photo on a Google map. The 61-year-old was at one time the boss of Stida, who split from Cosa Nostra and operates in Sicily.

Mafia boss tracked down near Madrid: Google Maps takes Italian officials to Camino

A photo of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica shows two men in front of a grocery store called “El Hurto de Manu” in the small town of Galapagos, northwest of Madrid. Due to an impact scar on his cheek, Sicilian investigators have identified the former mafia boss in a Google Maps photo. Police officers from Palermo, along with Spanish officers, found Camino and arrested him on December 17.

Among other things, the 61-year-old was killed on August 29, 1989, by a passerby in the Sicilian city of Campobello de Licata. The perpetrators mistakenly believed that the person belonged to a rival mafia clan. At the time, public prosecutor Giovanni Falcon was also involved in the investigation against Stida. A few years later, in May 1992, he was assassinated by a car bomb on behalf of Cosa Nostra.

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The mafia boss was confused when he was arrested after discovering Google Maps: “How did you find me?”

After being sentenced, Camino fled to Spain in 1998, but was re-arrested in Barcelona a few weeks later. After several years in prison in Italy, he was able to escape for a second time on June 26, 2002, when he met with extra people during a film shoot, thus escaping from Repibia, the highest security prison in Rome.

“How did you find me? I have not spoken to my family on the phone for ten years, ”Camino told police when he was arrested in Galapagos. He made no protest. If investigators could not find the photo on Google Maps, the Mafioso might be even bigger.

Because even though Italian authorities suspected Camino in Spain, his traces were quickly lost after he escaped. Named Manuel, the 61-year-old tried his hand at cooking as a chef at his restaurant “La Cosina de Manu”. Camino is expected to be extradited to Italy soon and may begin his custody – and then maybe the last.

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