Google’s new AI-powered technology lens which was rolled out last week on Android is scheduled to arrive in iOS. The feature is available in Google Photos iOS applications. The feature will help you to identify the objects, buildings, and landmarks and give useful information about them to the user which includes their phone numbers, address or even open hours. The feature can also help you in identifying the items like books, paintings, plants, and animals.

Google’s new feature also helps you to add an event to the calendar from the photo or can snap a photo of a person’s business card in order to save the phone number to your contacts. Google Lens was announced at Google’s I/O developer conference which was held during the last year. The goal of the feature makes the smartphone cameras understand the things that they see in the photo and help you in giving information about the same.

The demo which was given by Google at I/ O, it showed that the lens can do many other things too. It could help you to configure your Wi-Fi by taking the photo of your Wi-Fi router. The information will be then pasted into your Wi-Fi settings and you will get connected. The lens can also act as a translator in which it converts foreign signs to English.

The feature that is showcased by Google in its I/O developer conference is yet to get to a reality. The promises made by Google during that event is not yet fulfilled, but there is a high possibility of having this feature in the near future. According to the Google Photos Tweet, the rolling of Google lens on iOS began on Thursday and this will be available to users who have the latest version of app 3.15 installed. The rollout will be complete in next few weeks.