December marks the onset of Christmas festivity and Google is celebrating its own kind of Christmas this year with the renewed Google’s Santa Village. Google always brings something new to add up to the charm of this festival like Santa and associated Christmas themed content, countdown timer, and also some additional changes. This year the tag for the most notable change goes to the new elfie tool which is a tool to click a selfie with your elf version anywhere in the world. The tool is fun for all, be it kids or adults.

The Santa Snap game is the Android app you need to download in order to take some cool elfies. However, this app is only available for the Android phone users. The iPhone users are at loss for now as the same isn’t available on the iOS platform. The app has an elf that uses a jetpack to fly across the world by using the Google Maps and takes “Elfies” at the famous landmarks all across the globe. The app is now a part of the Santa’s Village website.

The program follows the same theme as last year which is created to make the kids learn some basic coding tools of programming to enhance their skills. The educational feature like “Code Boogie” helps the kid create a code to make the elf dance is a good tool for the young minds. The website has been designed to be updated with new versions of fun and games to keep the excitement up and running. The website carries tools that let the kids create art as well as a tool that gets the kids involved in what has been termed as “World’s largest virtual snowball fight”.

google santa app

The details associated with the snowball fight has been provided as of now as the makers have planned to keep it a secret. The onset of Christmas Eve shall introduce the Santa Tracker which is a fun tool that helps the kids locate Santa on the world map at a certain point in time. This will help the kids learn numerous traditions of Christmas from all across the globe.

Santa Tracker shall be backed by Google Assistant. You can locate Santa just by asking your Google Assistant or Google Home. This app comes as good news for parents who want their kids to learn things without taking away the fun out of it.