Google to acquire mobile GIF keyboard and search engine Tenor which will help advertising giant to boost its search data and an increase in popular advertising format for marketers. The deal was announced on Tuesday but the financial conditions were not disclosed.

The people use Google Images to search more information about a topic and to express themselves. There are millions of searches for GIFs every day as said by Google’s director of engineering Cathy Edwards. He added by saying that the company is evolving Google Images to meet the people demand and now they are acquiring Tenor which is GIF platform company for Android, iOS, and desktop.

The tenor company was a 4-year-old startup company and it attracts about 300 million people per month to search GIF. There is about 12 billion search request are placed per month. The company will be running as usual but now it will be under the banner of Google. Google said in a statement that the company will help Google Images and other products which use Gboard chat and will help by showing the right GIFs at the right moment which will match the user mood.

According to Edward, he said, “Whether you are using the Tenor keyboard or one of your other products, you can expect to see much more of this in your future.”

Since the launch of the company, Tenor has a strong and secure foothold and is growing in the space of mobile GIF-sharing. Tenor’s “GIF Keyboard “ is the most downloaded app on both iOS and Android version. A report said that from last two years, Tenor’s average keyboard download ranking is twice as high as Giphy’s on iOS and Android.

The company said that the acquisition by Google will help the company to improve their product for the users, developers, and advertisers. The co-founder of the company David McIntosh said that he is going to lead the team at Google with Tenor co-founders Erick Hachenburg and Frank Nawabi.