Google is going to introduce a new feature to games in the Play Store. Following the annual Game Developer Conference, Google has introduced its Instant apps on the Play Store. With this new feature, the users can now instantly try out some few games before installing them on their smartphones by suing Try Now option. Well, it is quite similar to Instant Apps technology. But, now Google has launched it as Google Play Instant.

Google found that one of the biggest problems for the users is to try an app, they have to install that app first which is a barrier to entry the users. But, the company realized that, if it will remove that barrier then more people can try more apps and games. That why Google first launched Instant Apps program. After that Google introduced Streaming Apps project in 2015.  Using this feature, the users can run an android app on Google’s servers and can watch live video. But, now this has been replaced with Instant App. This feature streams the app code to a device and runs it through an ephemeral sandbox. For example, using the Android SDK developers will convert the apps into 10MB chunks which can be easily steamed directly to users. As the apps come with small size, those can start up quickly but, the users will get limited access to the games. If the users like the game and want to enjoy the full features then they can download the full version game.

For now, the page carries only six games like Clash Royale, Words with Friends, and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. You can only play two-game tutorial for Clash Royale. On the other side, in small games like Solitaire, you can enjoy the whole game in instant mode without downloading it. Any developer can use Instant App, but the game version of Instant App still in closed beta.