Google Home has just been provided a dose of capability enhancement, albeit a minor one but is still enough to be applauded. It is all about the smart speaker’s new found ability to handle two commands at the same time without faltering most of the time.

That is no doubt a huge improvement so far as user convenience is concerned, so much that it is hard to believe the feature was so far missing. So if you needed the Home to do several things, you had to issue separate commands for those so far, something quite akin to being almost childish for a device that otherwise carries an air of futurism around it.

However, under the changed scheme of things, you can club two commands to let the speaker do two things simultaneously. It is like this, you can ask the speaker to turn on the lights as well as ask about the latest weather report. The Home would be happy to oblige and your lights will turn on while you will also have the latest update on weather in your place.

However, ask it three question and the Home would promptly respond saying it can’t handle three questions. Not yet but maybe sometime in future. That said, it won’t disappoint you entirely as it seems to be able to execute any one of your three commands but you never know which one. The speaker tends to pick up its choice randomly.

Also, while the above has been made possible thanks to a small update, an even bigger update is in the works, one that will make the speaker do a fixed set of things with just a single command. That has been termed Routine, the sort of which Amazon’s Alexa is already capable of doing.

This can be handy in letting the speaker carry out a fixed set of tasks that you require the speaker to do quite often. For instance, when you wake up in the morning, you need the latest updates on news, traffic, weather, and so on. You can pre-program the Home speaker using Routines so that the Home will let you have these info the moment you ask for it in the morning, thereby saving you from issuing separate commands for each.

Unfortunately, the said update is nowhere in sight, with no confirmation forthcoming from Google either. Till then, we can let the Home settle down handling double commands.