We’ve already come across numerous reports about the upcoming version of Google’s Android OS. Now, popular tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks) speculates that Android O is expected to start rolling out next month.

Blass’s Twitter post says, “Android O release scheduled for the week of 8/21, most likely on the 21st itself.” So we could see Google release the upcoming Android O soon, as the OS looks almost ready for a commercial rollout. And given Blass’s great track record in the past, we’re likely to see the release Google’s next-gen mobile OS shortly.

Also, not too long ago, reports surfaced on the web suggesting that Android 8.0 won’t go by the name Android Oreo, despite the name’s popularity. Instead, multiple sources speculate that the successor to Android Nougat might be called Android Oatmeal Cookie – and not Oreo.

For now, it’s anyone’s guess at the moment. We don’t yet know what the ‘O’ stands for (unofficial sources claim it could be Oreo, others peculate it could be Oatmeal) but the developer previews has already landed on the Nexus and on Pixel Devices and the OS looks all set for a final release.

In terms of new features and improvements, Android O will get new additions such as a notifications channel, new emojis, picture-in-picture video, support for multiple displays, along with adaptive icons. The upcoming version of Android is also said to deliver better performance, improved notifications, enhanced battery management, as well faster boot-up times.

Elsewhere, Android O is also said to offer an enhanced virtual reality experience for Google Daydream users. Google is reportedly working hard to optimize the new OS for VR as the company plans to roll out a major update for its DayDream headsets.

In a nutshell, Android O or Android 8.0 is primarily about offering users an optimized and seamless everyday experience, as opposed to the inclusion of headline-grabbing features.

What are you excited for with the full release of Android O? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.