Google, the tech major, is swiftly expanding its business now wants its ultra-modern ‘virtual assistant’ to empower devices beyond smartphones and intelligent speakers only. As claimed by the latest report, published by 9to5Google, a news site completely dedicated to the realm of Google, the search engine giant is going to launch its own set of smart headphones with the integration of its virtual assistant feature for competing with Apple’s AirPods.

The credentials and references to the upcoming smart headphones of Google were recently encoded by 9to5Google in the program cryptogram, hidden inside the Google application. The code particularly highlights a product dubbed as “Bisto” and claims, “Your headphones have the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help.”

The phrases mentioned in the code hinted that the new hardware partners of Google would design and develop smart headphones, while Google itself will handle the programming of software and backend for the device. With the integration of Google’s virtual assistant, the headphone will perform following the voice command of the users. Apart from answering questions to the users, following the voice command, through headphones, the Google Assistant will also allow the wearers to read their notifications on the device. It will also alert users when the battery of the earphone is running out of charge, as well as will narrate the news briefings.

The code also suggests some important clues regarding the physical appearance of the headphones. As the reports claimed, the headphones may feature some physical buttons for calling upon the Google Assistant. Apple’s AirPod keeps 24-hour battery life, and with Apple Intelligence feature, it provides ease-of-use. Google if actually want to compete with Apple’s groundbreaking wireless earphones; then have to make the smart headphones more advanced and efficient than the Apple’s device.

Some earlier reports also have claimed that Google second generation Pixel smartphones – Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are going to sports the headphones with the Google Assistant. As well know, Google is ditching the 7.5mm jack with the upcoming Pixel phones, the arrival of the new smart headphones are pretty expected. As Google is rumoured to launch the Pixel phones on 5th October, the arrival of the smart headphones on the same event or before that can be anticipated.

Though Google yet hasn’t officially announced about its upcoming headphones; but the reports from the 9to5Google has confirmed it to be on the card. If new reports prove to be true, then it would be closely similar to the manner Google is working with its tech crews for developing Android smartphones and smartwatches just like Samsung and LG. In a recent interview with TIME, Google ultimately denied the report and said, it didn’t have any news about the Assistant to share.