The tech-giant Google on Thursday has announced a new landmark of its achievement according to which, its ‘Android Instant App’ which was introduced to selected developers earlier this year, has been accessed on 500 million devices globally. While mentioning about the huge success of its recently published Android Instant Apps, Google in its blog post wrote, ‘Since the public launch at Google I/O earlier this year, the demand for Android instant apps have reportedly increased, and now, more than 500 million devices globally have been using this app.

Earlier this year, Google launched its Android Instant App for some selected developers and finding its growing popularity, the search engine major recently published the app for developers globally. At Google I/O 2016, Google launched its instant apps which were a bold initiative to allow developers to run specific apps on their Android phones and tablets without requiring their installation. Now Google confirmed that the rollout of the fully developed version of Android Instant Apps had brought it to 500 million phones and tablets globally over the period of only two months which is undoubtedly an impressive feat for the search engine major.

Google in its official blog post has revealed that anyone, on its Android developer site which has over half a billion users currently, can use the Instant Apps. The declaration of the user number seems to be meant for inspiring more and more developers to know this app and use it. Moreover, the announcement of Google also re-confirmed that the initiative that Instant Apps won’t be compatible with a Nougat-or-higher OS. The feature is only available to those Android phones and tablets that are not running to have not upgraded to Google’s latest OS – Android 7.0.

Android Instant Apps is a revolutionary initiative of Google to allow the usage of Android apps, without installation them on mobile or tablets. With a game-changing approach, Google introduced the light-weight version of this app for enabling easier app sharing and discovery to the users. With features like fast and smooth user interfaces, speedier performance, and excellent capabilities, the app allows developers to run any android app instantly with just a tap.

The nifty feature of Android Instant Apps allows users to ‘test’ an Android Application before downloading it its complete version. The users can simply access to an application before downloading them entirely and can use it on trial basis. By simply clicking on a link or tab ‘Open App’, flashing on the website, users can immediately start using the app without installing its complete version. After launching its developer version, Google recently released the fully-grown version of the Android Instant Apps so that anyone can develop and publish an instant app.