Android users with phones that have less than 1GB of Ram can now enjoy the features from Android Oreo Go edition. All thanks to Google, budget phone users can benefit from the high-end features that were previously just available on the expensive side of Androids. Earlier this year in the latter half of May, Google promised the users a special version of Android custom designed for budget phones. The Android Go is now being made available today for numerous smartphone manufacturer and developers. However, the same isn’t available for users as of now but shall soon happen in a short period of time.

Android Go is a version of Android Oreo that has been engineered to run easily on phones that carry a RAM of 1GB or 512MB. Now, when you compare these phones to the high-end ones operating on Android Oreo, you can see the difference. The Pixel 2 carries a 4GB RAM, whereas the iPhone X flaunts 3GB RAM and last but not the least, Galaxy Note 8 has a 6GB RAM. The makers faced a lot of issues coming up with an OS that can operate on flagships as well as the low-end phone was a very big challenge. Google solved this issue by coming up with the Go edition which was not introduced as a “fork” of the Android Oreo. Android Go is a variant that a manufacturer can easily enable by ticking on the configurations.

When you set those certain configurations, the phone is automatically set to use the Android Go version of apps like Google Assistant, main Google app, Google Maps and many others. Apps like YouTube Go have been embedded with special features that help in downloading things over the Wi-Fi. The “Go” versions of the apps are basically smaller than the original variants. With smaller apps and Slimmer Operating System, OS can now obtain as much as half the amount of the total storage being taken up on the newer varieties of Android phones.

Apart from the lighter version of applications, the Android Go has also implemented significant changes in performance as well as a storage section. However, the process of optimizing an app to acquire less storage space can make it slower during the launch. If you have a limited RAM, you can afford to wait a few seconds to save some space but with high-end phones, you need not do the same. The Android Go shall also feature benefits like data saving option via the Google server. This means anything that you run in the Google Chrome shall go via the Google server and come to you at the minimum possible size so that you can easily save data. You can use the new Datally app to track your data consumption too. Being a lighter version, the “Go edition” of Android shall not be delayed while releasing as it is for the original versions.