Google announced a pair of new headphones built in collaboration with Bose and has been specially optimised for its Assistant program. What that means is that Google Assistant on the new QC 35 II headphones will be able to perform just as optimally as say the Assistant on a phone or the Google Home speaker.

There is also going to be a dedicated button on the headphones – placed on the right ear cup – that can be used to launch Google Assistant. The initial set-up process is simple too as you only have to connect the headphones with the phone via Bluetooth. Once that is done, launch the Google Assistant app on your phone and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you are through that, your Assistant is ready to serve you in whichever you deem fit. That includes playing music or reading aloud news. You even have the option to select the news source that you prefer, such as CNBC, CNN or anything of your choice. The headset will also read aloud text messages that you receive while say, you are listening to music, requiring zero intervention on your part for that.

Similarly, you can spell out the sort of commands you otherwise do on your phone. Those can be like – ‘Call dad’ and once the call is established, you get to continue the conversation via the headphone without the phone coming into the picture.

Bose, on its part, has also ensured you don’t just buy the new QC 35 II headphones only for the Google Assistant thing. While that happens to be a huge USP of the headset, it also holds its own appeal. That includes its excellent noise cancellation properties which ensures you get to hear the right stuff even in the busiest of places.

As for its availability, Google said the new QC 35 II headphones would be launching in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, France and the U.K. soon. No pricing information is shared just yet but expect it to be priced in the vicinity of $350.