The trailer of God of War was released and it offers a dramatic look at the world. The action for the upcoming new PS4-game which includes the two protagonists of God of War characters named as Kratos and his son Atreus. They are the new characters which are included in God of War .

The released trailer of God of War is fully CG and it is not the actual footage of the game. It may not be the actual game footage but the trailer can give its fans a feel for a new tone, world, and experience. According to the developer Sony Santa Monica. Players will get a huge range of new experience from the God of War franchise.  The developer added that the core story of the game is about the father and his son.

A trailer about 1 minute with a title as “ Full TV Commercial ”  is posted on the YouTube channel of Sony US. This trailer can be seen in TV commercials breaks for a month until the launch of the game. The game is scheduled to get launch on April 20, 2018 with a titled as “ Arrow Trailer ” on Sony’s European YouTube channel.

The character Atreus’ arrow is featured in the trailer which serves as a symbol of the Boy’s Growth. God of War trailer which is shown on channels is giving a hint about the character growth.  The players may experience the growth of characters between Kratos and Atreus along with the first scene is Atreus is missing his bow shot on a buck. When we go forward in the trailer we can see a series of combat which is taking place in between Kratos and a number of other creatures.

God of War game is scheduled to release on April 20, 2018, and the promotion of the same is happening with full swing. Sony has announced a special God of War themed PS4 Pro.