If you love Gmail, but really tired of seeing the Arial font, there is some good news for you. The default Gmail font, which is called the “sans-serif” available over Gmail Interface, providing the platform through which users have been getting useful data (as well as spam) from various groups of people over the years. However, the era of this Arial font is said to be ending soon.

Various reports have already surfaced regarding the news at top technology blogs. According to the reports from a renowned platform like Android Authority, they’d got exclusive Google mails regarding imminent Gmail redesign. Needless is to talk about the popularity of Gmail. However, this popularity is said to be the reason that it has not been revamped in terms of design since 2011.

Not just the design, the revamp is expected to include various kinds of functional modifications as well, adding the features like “snooze” that can provisionally discard a chosen mail from within the inbox and then return afterwards. In addition, various combined integration with Google Calendar is also expected.

However, the news that is trending the most is related to the appearance. The current font is going to be changed from Arial to Product Sans. On the other hand, the default font for the mail and messages are going to be changed from Arial to Roboto. Google is the developer of boith Product Sans and Roboto. As per the leaked revamped design, it looks really good.

Google powered Product Sans is a font was made in 2015, primarily for branding. It can be distinguished from the present Google logo that took the place of earlier serif-font logo in the year 2015. Roboto looks similar as of Arial. There are certain distinguishing aspects as well at the individual character level of this font. Moreover, this font is being currently used with the Android operating system. However, this latest modification is said to enhance the experience of smartphone users. In fact, this upcoming design is said to be becoming the default option across all platforms.

Product Sans is going to be comparatively a simple design in many aspects, in latest edition. But, Roboto is said to have the biggest influence on texts that a huge number of people come across on a regular basis. In short, the digital experience of Gmail is soon going to be changed greatly in coming days.