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Gemini is now available on Android phones in more countries and languages


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Last updated: 12 February 2024 at 07:22 UTC+01:00

Google announced last week that it has renamed Bard to Gemini. It also announced the launch twin for Android and iOS, but was only available in the US and in English. However, within days, Google expanded the availability of Gemini to Android smartphones in more countries.

Gemini is now available on Android phones across Asia and Europe

Many users all over Asia And Europe is now reporting That they can access Gemini on their Android smartphones. While Google announced it would make Gemini available to more users, Europe was not on the company's list. It seems that Google is working hard to make its latest AI chatbot available to as many users as possible. Some users have managed to get Gemini working on the Galaxy S23 series by downloading the APK file of the app. However, some users were unable to access Gemini by long pressing the power button.

A few days ago, Jack Krawczyk, who is leading Gemini's development, said that the AI ​​assistant will be available in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America next. But it seems that Gemini is now becoming more widely available to people. Gemini is currently not as feature-rich as Google Assistant for smart home-related tasks. Google said it's working around the clock to bring these missing features to Gemini.

Google's Gemini LLM software powers Gemini, which is much more capable of understanding natural language and conversations. It is also context-aware, meaning it can have back-and-forth conversations with users and remember context. It also has a newer user interface compared to Google Assistant. It looks like Google will completely replace Google Assistant on Android devices in the future.

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