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Gaza Strip: Biden and Netanyahu want to keep giving aid


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After the first convoys with aid to the Gaza Strip, the US and Israel have spoken in support of further supplies. Earlier, another 14 trucks carrying aid were driven into the Gaza Strip.

US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have agreed that humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip will continue, according to Washington. The White House said after a phone conversation between the two politicians that this “vital assistance” to the Gaza Strip would continue. Biden previously advocated for aid during his visit to Israel, and Netanyahu agreed under conditions.

“More continuity River to help convoys”

Biden and Netanyahu have now reiterated that there will be “a continued flow of this critical aid to Gaza,” the White House said. In a phone call, the US president welcomed the first two aid convoys to the Gaza Strip after a terrorist attack on Israel by Islamist Hamas.

Aid deliveries to the affected people in the Gaza Strip began at the weekend – two weeks after the border was completely closed, and the war between the ruling Islamist group Hamas and Israel began.

On Saturday, 20 trucks delivered medicine, food and other relief supplies through the Egyptian Rafah border crossing. Another 14 trucks carrying relief supplies were able to enter the Gaza Strip on Sunday, according to UN emergency aid coordinator Martin Griffiths. He spoke of another “glow of hope.”

A conversation about The release of the hostages

According to the US, Biden and Netanyahu discussed ongoing efforts to secure the release of all hostages held by Hamas and to provide safe conduct for US citizens and other citizens seeking to leave the Gaza Strip.

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On behalf of Hamas, hundreds of terrorists attacked Israel on October 7, massacred in the border area and kidnapped more than 200 people. After the attack, Israel’s military says it has hit hundreds of targets in the densely populated Gaza Strip and is preparing for a ground offensive.

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