Freedom Fighter sees Russia’s decline in Prigozhin’s death

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Clearly against Putin: Fighters of the “Freedom of Russia” brigade next to an armored fighting vehicle (thumbnail) in northern Ukraine. © Sergey Bobok/AFP

After Prigozhin’s plane crash, “Caesar” has sinister thoughts: the freedom fighter anticipates Putin’s next death sentence – and warns the elites to be careful.

KYIV – He will calculate the inevitable, says “Caesar” of the Independent Ukrainian News Agency (UNIAN). Evgeny Prigogine was doomed anyway – only the manner of his death is still debatable. “It was difficult to get close to him and commit poison or a classic terrorist attack,” he says; So it seems likely that it could be shot down by anti-aircraft defenses.

“Caesar” is Maximilian Andronnikov and deputy commander of the “Legion Freedom of Russia” in Ukraine. As a Russian, Andronnikov struggles with his homeland abroad. Especially its political structure. After Prigozhin’s plane crash over Russia, he has prepared a warning for the power elite around Putin.

No doubt: Prigozhin’s execution order came from Putin

According to him, there is no doubt that Russian President Vladimir Putin issued the execution order: “If we conclude that the order to remove Prigozhin was given personally by Putin, the entire Russian elite should be careful,” said the freedom fighter. to report. Because it means that Putin is not delivering on the guarantees he gave, especially to Prigozhin. As a result, “Caesar” expects that anyone in the Russian elite can get their turn at any time.

However, fear is advised: according to him, understanding Putin’s entire power structure means that “anyone who shows the slightest disloyalty at any time will be set at zero”. The Russian-born volunteer criticizes the entire Russian social system: the lack of opportunities for advancement, which first made extensive mobilization possible, and the general image of humanity that includes violence and murder as options for political action.

According to him, there are cracks in the power system; He was fired in anticipation that Prigogine’s death had shaken Putin’s monopoly on power to its foundations. Andronnikov already sees in his imagination the 20 towers of the Kremlin, symbolizing different sectors trying to outdo each other and tear down the structure – and sees himself as one of the beneficiaries: “Soon they will shake and collapse. If blood is spilled, the sooner this war ends, the more power will be transferred in Russia.

Prigozhin’s plane crash leads to the fall of Russia

In his estimation, Putin should pay more attention to domestic politics in the future – in his opinion, the crash of Prigozhin’s plane preceded the downfall of Russia. The opposition figure reckons the Wagner militias will return soon, perhaps in the form of smaller, marauding gangs or in the form of a larger “March of Justice 2.0” against Moscow, he explained. UNIAN expresses.

Apart from Yevgeny Prigogine and Chechen Ramzan Kadyrov, Russia will provide various high caliber fighters. “Few can confirm that Russia’s enemy is not in Kiev, not in Paris and not in Washington.” He also includes Russian soldiers in this hope – for example those who have already defected. Andranikov sees this as a change in the mindset of the troops. And he lets time work for him.

After Putin’s retaliation, opposition is expected to increase

According to him, after the assassination attempt on Prigozhin, the realization will spread that every individual has the choice to “die for or against Putin,” as he puts it. That is why he is counting on the increase of his volunteer regiment “Legion Freedom of Russia”: “I think that reasonable people with an iota of courage, real legal awareness and conscience will join our ranks.” (Carsten-D. Hinzmann)

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