Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis gets a 10-minute standing ovation at Cannes

Francis Ford Coppola’s long-running and much-discussed sci-fi epic Major cities It had its world premiere Thursday night at the Cannes Film Festival, and he was greeted with a 10-minute standing ovation inside the Grand Theater Lumière, as he hugged each of his cast — which included Nathalie Emmanuel, Adam Driver, Aubrey Plaza and Giancarlo Esposito — and tossed his hat into the cheering crowd. .

The build-up to Thursday’s reveal was epic. First, IMAX said earlier today that it would give it away Major cities Global theatrical release, timing not yet determined. Then, Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” played as Coppola and company approached the palace on their way to the premiere — a fitting song considering the director made his final film outside the Hollywood system, while retaining complete control. Applause followed inside the theater as Coppola’s arrival was shown on the big screen. Anticipation increased even more when the topic was from The Godfather It played – and people applauded – inside the cinema as Coppola appeared walking the red carpet with his cane.

Driver then helped the legendary director up the steps of the palace to receive festival president Thierry Frémaux. Finally, there was a standing ovation when Coppola entered the stage.

Among the famous faces present in Major cities It was a world premiere United Stars Mike Faist and Hans Zimmer. Coppola was also seen hugging Richard Gere before the show.

Coppola, 85, had his last film in competition at Cannes 45 years ago. Apocalypse nowwhich won the Palme d’Or for the second time five years later Conversation He won.

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Likes Apocalypse now, Major cities He came to the festival under a microscope: Coppola had been talking about the project for decades; He pumped a staggering $120 million of his own money into it; He had a heavy visual effects shoot in Atlanta THR The show was a mess in many ways.

Much depends on the film’s reception at Cannes, especially in the wake of a March 28 private screening in Los Angeles, where potential buyers appeared skeptical about the film’s commercial prospects. Distribution rights for the film were sold in several European territories during the festival this week. But it has yet to find an American distributor.

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