Epic Games has unveiled the latest inclusions coming to Fortnite. But unlike in the past, this would not arrive as a part of a new update the players have to download; instead, it is like a delayed rollout for the contents of the earlier patch. The initial such “content update,” as Epic calls them, has come on every platform and features the Vending Machine, among the other additions and changes.

With the 3.4 content update’s release, the Vending Machines would be scattered across the island in Battle Royale. These would each pick randomly a rarity and then vend three items at that level in exchange for the materials. The higher the rarity is, the higher is the price. There is no limit to how many items one could purchase, provided the person could afford it. There is a list of how much items would cost at each level that includes- the items found in a Legendary (gold) version would cost 500 materials; the items found in an Epic (purple) version would cost 400 materials; the items found in a Rare (blue) version would cost 300 materials; the items found in an Uncommon (green) version would cost 200 materials; the items found in a Common (white) version would cost 100 materials.

Each material type- wood, metal, and stone- would have a corresponding item that it could be exchanged for. The vending machine would display each at a time and gradually rotate through them. In order to purchase what one wants, he could either wait for it to show up, or he could hit the Vending Machine with his pickaxe to skip to the next of the three items. They do not always appear in the same locations. As the players would expect, they would most easily find Vending Machines in high-density areas such as Pleasant Park, Salty Springs, Tilted Towers, and Retail Row, but there are even the others in the unnamed parts.

The 3.4 content update even would introduce a kick off new limited-time mode, a changed and modified version of the explosive weapon-centric playlist High Explosives. Most importantly, balance changes are being implemented for the weapons. A number of them are gaining “first shot accuracy” that means that the first round fired would be 100% accurate, so long as the users have not fired recently, aim down the sights, and are standing still. There is a list of the new weapons to gain first shot accuracy. The list includes- suppressed submachine gun, burst assault rifle, pistol, revolver, tactical submachine gun, suppressed pistol, assault rifle, and hand cannon. These simply are not buffs for the weapons. As the damage falloff, the distance at which their damage is diminished also has been changed. The players could see the specifics in the full patch notes on the web.

The 3.4 content update is now out on mobile, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. More information the people could check out what the full 3.4 update recently added as well as the recent PS4 patch that mistakenly turned out to be much bigger in size than intended.