After the Fortnite Battle Royale exploded in popularity, the developers over at Epic Games targeted their attention at regular updates, which some of the players say, has inflated the game with too many items. Some of the players may appreciate the boogie bombs, remote explosives, guided missiles, and launch pads, but to the players who prefer a more streamlined game, Fortnite has become unwieldy.

Fortnite is a game about being the last man standing and constructing things. Nearly every other week, Epic launches some new, wild thing, which gets everyone talking. Sometimes, that new, wild thing introduces some fun nuance into the game, and the other times, it adds too much chaos. Earlier in the current week, Epic Games eliminated the three-week-old guided missiles after many players voiced concerns over the strength and fairness of the weapon. Epic wrote this in a Reddit post, under which, the fans noted the other apparently game-breaking items that Epic already had returned to the vault, Epic’s term for their item-balancing holding pen: the wall dynamo, an electric wall trap; the Zapotron, a laser sniper; a jump pad; a smoke grenade. One of the players wrote that Epic must aim at fixing the gameplay issues and less content for the sake of content. Another player wrote that he would be happier with some weapons that have a 0% probability of appearing in most matches.

It sounds similar to a basic conversation over if a game developer must change a game’s “meta,” a term defining the popular strategies of a game. That is partly true, but the Fornite players also draw lines in between “fun, light-hearted chaos” and “game-breaking and disorienting.”

The Fortnite drops are randomized that implies that item balance is a trickier topic. Two equally matched players may not face the similar type of RNG luck. On the other hand, when these game-breaking tools appear in the later parts of the game, the players more familiar with them would have a leg up over the players who are not used to the end game of Fortnite.

Since after a few months of Fortnite Battle Royale’s release, a vocal minority of the players have been complaining that it is just got too much stuff and, due to that, Fortnite’s endgame is difficult to balance. When the players stay alive for long enough, they get access to the rare, powerful weapons. Those weapons and items could be maddening to counter. The players argue that the game requires more weapon balance, which is hard when Epic introduces over-powered X-factors such as the submachine gun. In a living game such as Fortnite, mastery is never fully attained. The game changes too often, and the players constantly need to account for new and unbalanced strategies and weapons. One week, the players may be capable of firing off two very powerful shotguns in a row. In the next week, that strategy may be gone, but now there is a probability that one’s enemy instantly could build a powerful fort at their feet.

Under these many threads asking if Fortnite is too item abundant, lots of players resoundingly decline. They argue that all the Epic Games is doing, is keeping Fortnite fresh. On top of that, they say, if one is not competitive against a little chaos, he is not that great a Fortnite player.