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Fortnite bans anyone from using this amazing game


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The Fortnite kinetic blade is displayed against a red background.

picture: FortniteBR / Twitter / Epic Games

Fortnite He is Banning anyone using an esoteric exploit allows players to freeze time with them Kinetic Katana Blade. In just a few days since the players found out “break the game” glitch before Fortnite Developers have “temporarily disabled” the use of kinetic code in tournament playlistsSome of the competing players were suddenly inadvertently blown up.

They didn’t stand a chance. The glitch didn’t give them one. I made their deaths happen offline. Fortnite FNBRIntel leaker, on Twitter on May 21Explain why.

behind the Fortnite Exploiting the kinetic blade

The kinetic cipher loophole can only be used after a series of precise steps have been taken. The bluffing player would have to make sure they were “in the open” before selecting a nearby target. After that, they needed to “disconnect from the wifi and rush in.” [a target]Use the slide feature [repeatedly] until you feel like you’ve done 200 damage”, and finally “reconnect to wifi”.

And then it was done. “You’ll be taken back and they’ll give you the kill,” said FNBRIntel.

While those exploiting the bug would work hard behind the scenes, methodically executing every move that was overcome, the players they targeted would have no idea there was any bug, or that the other player was attacking them, let alone planning nefarious things out of nowhere. Connection. They will play their game as normal, until they die automatically. embarrassed.

The kinetic blade is a fairly recent addition Fortniteto arrive at the battle royale with the rest of its members Chapter 4 Season 2 update earlier this spring, so developer Epic Games seemed to keep an eye on it. In addition to code-jumping tournament playlists, the developer has begun distributing temporary bans below 24 hours after the vulnerability is discovered For players who use it outside of tournament mode. Kotaku She reached out for comment but did not receive a response in time to post.

With great power comes great clearance Fortnite.

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