Ford’s Platinum Black F-150 Lightning is the perfect fit for Batman

Ford is making a new Platinum Black special edition of its all-electric F-150 Lightning truck. Unveiled today, this Lightning vehicle resembles Batman’s Tumbler Batmobile The Dark Knight Triple, with some glossy finishes remaining on the door handles, roof and elsewhere. says Ford spokeswoman Susannah Evans the edge Under factory wrap, the car is finished in a glossy Ford Black Onyx paint.

Ford will make just 2,000 of these killed pickups, which start at $97,995, which is about $6,000 more than the regular Platinum and about the same price before Ford lowered truck prices in July.

In today’s announcement, Ford says that, in the middle of its second year of production, it is “on track to triple F-150 Lightning production by fall” as production accelerates toward 150,000 electric trucks each year. At the same time, as we reported back in June, the limited availability of its cheaper “Pro” Lightning prototype has put some buyers back — so refocusing attention on the limited-edition model makes even more sense now that Ford is confident in how many trucks it can handle. manufactured.

This light bar has more smog than the standard F-150 Lightning, and there is no blue in this Ford Blue Oval emblem.

Delivery is expected in early 2024, and starting today, anyone interested can register to be notified when pre-orders open. If you manage to get your hands on one, it will have an aluminum trunk plate and driver’s door jamb printed with the Limited Edition production number.

It includes subtle extras like a smoked finish on the front light bar and a black (not blue) Ford oval underneath. It doesn’t quite have the Ford monster truck influence fans love about Ford’s F-150 Raptor, but the Platinum Black still feels like a truly tough guy ride. And those tough guys can come in handy too, as the 9.6kW Pro Power option will now charge with the ability to power devices while the truck is off, and includes new power usage visuals.

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Like the standard Platinum model, this model comes with a standard battery with an extended range of 300 miles and exclusive Platinum ‘Nirvana’ contoured leather seats with a 10-way power driver’s seat – but of course, in luxurious black. In limited edition form. It also gets a black version of the 22-inch wheels and black “Lightning” graphics on the standard double-glazed roof for this model. Platinum Black also includes standard power diffusion running boards with a glossy black finish, reflective black lightning decals, and a black soft-shell cover to hide the Batcycle underneath.

Numbered Limited Edition badge inside the F-150 Lightning Platinum Black box.

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