Fiverr is a Freelance website where people can offer their services, like app developers, logo designers, or social media account managers. It is also a site where illegal malware is easily available. With the right price, you can find listings from providing services to illegally spy on your spouse to hiring an unlicensed private investigator.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise, as other social media websites have been faced with the dilemma, similar in nature, where Fiverr, along with other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are unable to moderate the content. “Spouseware,” a harmful malware used in troubled relationships, has been discussed in great detail by Motherboard. A malware listing on Fiverr was uncovered by Motherboard, which one could buy to record keystrokes and websites visited, for just $5 and $400 can buy you a software, which could apparently hack passwords and emails and yet another listing claiming to be a specialist in divorce matters, offered to trace a vehicle, with 7-day details on its time and location, with surveillance evidence.

Similar services by a third seller on Fiverr included an online investigation and surveillance. Along with these, a number of others were also found by Motherboard.

After Motherboard’s attempt to contact Fiverr for comment, it was quick on deleting listings for malware and tracking.

In an email response, Fiverr spokesperson did acknowledge that the two private investigator services mentioned by Motherboard, which were initially active, were indeed removed since they violated its terms and services. Consequently, the two user accounts were also deleted, adding that the other one hasn’t been removed since it offers search services from public sources.

Fiverr reached out to the seller after Motherboard pointed out it was offering surveillance, asking them to remove this option, otherwise face account suspension. Listing is now no longer available.

On describing how Fiverr moderates its content, the spokesperson mentioned they used tools, algorithms, and filters to remove services that violated its terms.

They added that the inhouse Trust and Safety Team responds to inappropriate content and also encouraged the Fiverr community to report such activities, prioritizing trust as being key.