In recent years, the demand for fitness-tracking devices has reached sky-high. Most of the tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft, and Jawbone have tried their hands at becoming a fitness-tracker maker. Although becoming a successful fitness-tracker maker is not easy, Fitbit Inc has managed to strengthen its position as a leading fitness-tracker brand.
At first, there was heavy demand for fitness bands but slowly the demand shifted towards smartwatches that come with fitness-tracking features. Hence, Fitbit recently launched its new smartwatch named Versa. Well, we better make a smartwatch then,” Fitbit stated. Although Fit bit was a clear leader in wearables, its transition to smartwatches has not been that good. The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch, that was launched last year, did not sell as expected and got some bad reviews.

But with Fitbit Versa, it seems that the company has made a good comeback. Fitbit Versa is simplified, GPS-free and is less expensive than Ionic. The Ionic smartwatch costs around $300 whereas Versa will cost you around $200. Readers should note that the Apple Watch Series 1, the main competitor of Fitbit smartwatches, starts at $250. So it seems that the low-cost Fitbit Versa will catch the attention of the buyers looking for a good and stylish smartwatch at an affordable rate.

Fitbit Versa looks slimmer and nicer than the Ionic. The Ionic was very big on hand and was heavy. But Versa is small, elegant and extremely light even though it is made up of metal. Versa is smaller and slimmer and slightly wider than Apple watch. Versa comes in three color variants: silver, black and peach aluminum. A special edition variant is also available which costs $30 extra and comes in rose gold or dark grey. The users can customize their smartwatch band with different colors as well as materials.

The most cherishing part of Fitbit Versa is its long battery life. Fitbit claims that that on a single charge Versa will go four-plus days. And tech experts have said that the Fitbit Versa will definitely have 4-5 days of battery life on one charge. The Apple Watch hardly goes more than a day on a single charge. The one thing people need to sacrifice for the low-cost Fitbit Versa is the lack of inbuilt GPS, which is present in Ionic. So, for the GPS services users need to take their phone with them as Versa has software that collects GPS information from the phone itself.