Well, we were all excited about this year’s edition of Gamescom. There were quite a few surprises in store but the most surprising among all was the announcement that Final Fantasy 15 will be coming to the PC. Publisher Square Enix officially announced at the event that players will finally be able to try out the PC version of the game, with NVidia calling this port the highest-end edition of the game.

The game will officially be dubbed as Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition, and will offer a plethroa of NVIDIA optimizations when it finally launches for the PC. These optimizations include NVIDIA’s Gameworks library, GEForce Experience, NVIDIA Ansel, along with ShadowPlay Highlights.

Thanks to Square Enix’s Luminous Engine, the game already offers stunning visuals on consoles. And with NVidia’s collaboration for the PC version of Final Fantasy 15, things should get even better.

NVidia on its GeForce blog has also outlined a few key details as to what we can look forward to with the PC version of Final Fantasy 15. For instance, NVidia’s ‘Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadow technology will offer enhanced shows as well as support for Voxel Ambient Occlusion. Not to forget, Final Fantasy 15’s PC version will also support 4K or 8K resolution. Square Enix also given us a taste of the game’s 4K visuals, which you can check out in the trailer below:

That being said, there’s still no information about a specific release date for Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition. However, Square Enix did mention that it’ll arrive sometime in Q1 2018.

In other related news, Microsoft recently announced that gamers will be able to drive the Regalia from Final Fantasy 15 in Forza Horizon 3 for free. Players will even be able to recreate the Noctis’ road trip in the kingdom of Lucis by driving Regalia across Australia. In case you didn’t know, Regalia is the 21-foot long, 7-foot wide convertible that was originally created for Final Fantasy 15. The massive, uber-luxurious convertible churns out 536hp thanks to its 7.2-liter supercharged V12 engine.