Fierce fighting in Saporicia – Defense held at Pakmut

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The area around Zaporizhia is fiercely contested. Ukraine repels Russian attack on Pakmut. Message Ticker.

+++ 8:37 am: Ukraine managed to fend off another Russian attack on the city of Baghmut – albeit at great cost. This was reported by the US-based Institute of War Studies (ISW). Ukraine’s efforts to hold on to the city, which has been hard-fought in recent days, is a “strategically prudent move”. The city itself is not of great strategic value. However, a quick takeover by Russian troops helped Moscow gain large swaths of territory in eastern Ukraine.

Update, Sunday, January 22, 2023, 7:30 am: Heavy fighting is going on from the Zaporizhia region. According to the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD), Russia and Ukraine have concentrated “significant forces” in the key region. However, neither side has made any decisive progress so far. In Bachmut, on the other hand, the situation seems to have calmed down a bit. This was reported by the British Secret Service in its daily situation report on the war in Ukraine.

Russia Shells in Zaporozhye

+++ 10.35 hrs: Ukraine has confirmed reports of heavy fighting in the area, according to Russian intelligence on territorial gains in the Ukrainian region of Zaporizhia. Accordingly, on Saturday, Russia launched attacks in the Bagmud region, as well as in the Donetsk and Zaporizhia regions. This is reported by the Public Service of Ukraine in its evening situation report. According to the report, in the last 24 hours, 25 settlements in the Zaporozhye region have been hit by Russian artillery. Ukraine Pravda reported.

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Soldiers of the Sudoplatov Volunteer Battalion in Zaporizhia fighting alongside Russian soldiers in the Ukraine war. © IMAGO/RIA Novosti

Despite the high number of attacks, a large-scale Russian attack cannot yet be assumed, as military expert Yevhen Yerin was quoted as saying after appearing on television on a Ukrainian news site. According to Yerin, the attackers are always “small groups of about ten people” who “the enemy sends to test our resilience”. Yerin thought that if these efforts were successful, the Russian troops would be able to improve their positions in their places. A situation report by the British Secret Service suggests that both warring parties have deployed significant numbers of soldiers in the Saporitia region. However, no large-scale attacks seem to have taken place so far.

War in Ukraine: Russian military reportedly building “databases” on civilians

+++ 8.15 pm: In the occupied Kherson region of southern Ukraine, Russian military administration’s efforts to gain control over civilians have increased, according to reports. The Public Service of Ukraine reports this in its daily situation report on social media platform Facebook. According to reports, an effort is being made to create a “database of public places of residence”.

As the General Staff is said to have learned, the Russian occupiers were trying to obtain address data of the region’s residents “under the guise of implementing an energy saving program.” People were also threatened with disconnection of electricity. Compulsory measures were also taken.

Belarus’ role in Ukraine war: Military experts see ‘psychological warfare’ tactics

+++ 6.40 pm: According to the assessments of the Ukrainian military intelligence service, the possibility of Belarus participating in the war at the present time only serves Russia’s psychological warfare. Intelligence expert Andriy Yusov told the news website on Saturday (January 21). Independence of Kiev. In his assessment, the neighboring country’s armed forces in northern Ukraine currently pose “no threat”.

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The US think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) earlier published an estimate that Belarusian troops could be deployed in Ukraine by the end of the year. “There are no signals that the Belarusian Armed Forces have the necessary command or control structures to attack Ukraine in winter or spring,” ISW said.

Iranian Weapons in Ukraine War: Ukraine Investigates War Crimes

+++ 4.25 pm: Iran is reportedly involved in manufacturing and supplying drones to Russia. “Prosecutors and intelligence agencies have no doubt that Iranian authorities (…) are involved in the production and delivery of drones to the Russian Federation, which will then be used against our people,” Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office told the Ukrainian News Channel. .

Investigators are currently “collecting evidence that will help convince the court of the involvement of these individuals in these crimes.” The lawyer added that hundreds of inquiries and investigations are currently being carried out for this purpose.

Russia says offensive in southern Ukraine successful

+++ 3.20 pm: According to Russia, it has gained territory in a new offensive in southern Ukraine. “In the Zaporozhye region, the most favorable lines and positions can be taken by the offensive of units of the Eastern Military District,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in Moscow on Saturday (January 21).

Russian forces reportedly killed 30 people and destroyed several military vehicles in the attack. Russian military bloggers had previously announced attacks in the Orikhiv and Hulyaipolye areas. The first lines of defense were breached. According to the Rybar blog, several cities were also taken. The Ministry is yet to officially confirm this.

Ukraine expects new attacks from Russia on Kyiv

+++ 2:22 pm: The US has classified the Russian Wagner mercenary group as a “transnational criminal organization”. National Defense spokesman John Kirby said on Friday (January 20). Evgeny Brigoshins Wagner group I have about 50,000 fighters in Ukraine, 80 percent of whom were in Russian prisons. Wagner “is a criminal organization that commits widespread atrocities and human rights abuses,” Kirby said.

The designation of Wagner as a “national criminal organization” under the US executive order means that all of Wagner’s US assets will be frozen and US citizens will be prohibited from providing funds, goods or services to the group. Kirby also showed US intelligence photos showing North Korea supplying weapons to Wagner in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions.

Ukraine prepares for new airstrikes around Kiev

+++ 12.26 PM: Ukraine’s armed forces are bracing for new Russian airstrikes around Kiev. According to an online portal report, the Ministry of Defense issued this Ukraine Pravda is known. A number of maneuvers are conducted to help the troops repel possible attacks on the region’s critical infrastructure.

The result of such exercises is that “each unit, each soldier is working on acquiring the skills to perform a full range of tasks,” said Serhii Nayev, commander of the Ukrainian army. A large number of police and army personnel were involved in the exercise.

Fierce Battle for Buckmutt – Russia’s Partial Victories in the Ukraine War

+++ 11.05 am: The city of Pakmut is fighting hard in the war in Ukraine. According to British intelligence, Russian troops managed to turn the front line in their favor. In Kremina, northeast of Luhansk, Ukrainian armed forces managed to repulse the attack.

+++ From 9:56 AM on Saturday, January 21: Ukraine’s military is set to begin training for the British Challenger 2 main battle tank soon. Training takes place in Great Britain. Ambassador of Ukraine Vadim Pristego said this. Nexta.

Putin’s Secret Plan: Russia Plans to Attack Ukraine from Three Fronts

Report from Saturday, January 21: KYIV – Fears of a new offensive by Russia are growing in Ukraine. According to sources close to the president Volodymyr Zelenskyj Simultaneous attacks from all three directions are soon expected in Kiev. The country must be virtually surrounded and the defense forces divided. This was reported by the American news website The Daily Beast and refers to information from government sources.

“The Russians have surrounded us 240 degrees and are attacking us from the Black Sea, from Belarus and the Luhansk and Donetsk regions,” said Rustem Umerov, a member of the Ukrainian parliament and part of the accompanying delegation. Moscow A possible ceasefire was negotiated.

Wagner soldiers fight on the frontlines in the Ukraine war

Led by units of Wagner’s mercenaries, Russia had recently won an important victory Ukraine war won. Armed forces succeeded in capturing the strategically important city of Soledar. significant losses. Soledar is not far from Bagmuth. The win should now increase the pressure on the neighboring city, which is still fighting hard. “They come from all directions: criminals, private contractors and regular armed forces,” Umerov described the situation in the east of the country. Russia’s aim in their developments was to “eliminate criminals and test their contractors”.

According to the US Secret Service, 80 percent of the Wagner group are now ex-prisoners. Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin had the support of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin He promised that convicted criminals would have their prison sentences waived if they volunteered for hostilities in Ukraine.

Ukraine expects an attack from Belarus

Kiev’s assumptions are consistent with information provided by Ukrainian secret services. Massive Russian troop movements have been reported in the region around the city of Zaporizhia in the south of the country. Russian forces are also said to be preparing for new offensives in the city of Kharkiv. Similar reports are also coming from the northern border. “We observe that the Russian army is sending 10-12,000 people to Belarus,” said Colonel Oleg Zhdanov of the Ukrainian army.

Given the growing threat and impending attacks, the government in Kiev has again called on the West to make modern weapons systems available. On top of that Conference in Ramstein But no agreement was reached on the supply of main battle tanks such as the German Panther 2. (Daniel Tillman)

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