Cross-console performance comparisons usually involve a lot of finicky details regarding how a console varies from another. It was discovered, that is not the matter with Far Cry 5 after looking at the game running on the Xbox and PlayStation machines. There are some anomalies to report of course, and the game seems better on the Xbox One X than on any of the others, but the bottom line is transparent. Far Cry 5 appears terrific and also runs good no matter what console people play it on. Indeed “Good tidings of great joy.”

Far Cry 5 does not make use of the dynamic resolution scaling. It runs at 1080p (1920 x 1080) on the vanilla Xbox One and PS4, 1620p (2882 x 1620) on the Pro, and native 4K (3840 x 2160) on the One X.

The visual contrast among the consoles is because of the differences in the resolution. Everything appears a bit better on the enhanced consoles and also yet better on the One X. People could witness how much sharper the picture is on the One X as compared to the Pro. However, they need to keep in mind, that the picture depicts a zoomed-in region of the screen. If the users saw similar signs at the distance they see them in the game, the contrasts would be only apparent if they stopped moving and closely looked, and even then they may be barely noticeable.

The superior visual presentation of One X is because of more than just its raw resolution merit over the Pro. The resolution interacts with the texture detail. Native 4K brings out the rich, small-scale details in the excellent texture assets of Far Cry 5. Of course to witness this, one has to be sitting close enough to a 4K TV.

The frame rate in Far Cry 5 is capped at 30 fps and every console except the base Xbox One nailed it along all of the tests of the Digital Foundry. The Xbox One had brief drops as lower as 26 fps in some of the high-stress combat scenes. Though present, this variance in the frame rate has less real effect in the heat of the battle.

The performance tests found some instances of screen tearing on the Xbox One S and Xbox One which was so brief that it was not visible to the naked eye until the frame rate was artificially slowed to a crawl.

Digital Foundry revealed a pair of odd effects on the One X. Firstly, there is some screen tearing on the map screen. The frame rate aberration that leads to the tearing should not be a problem on a map screen and none of the other consoles have this issue.

The second defect is the bizarre texture glitch. It appears as the color map but not the foliage for the fields has been increased across the road on the One X. The textures appear to be completely missing when the same segment of road is seen at night. This is the only location in the game where something as of this appeared.

If the user has a 4K TV, he can play Far cry 5 on an Xbox One X. If the user does not have a 4K TV or the One X is not an option, he need not worry about it. Far Cry 5 is one of the best-appearing games of the current console generation and it is a visual feast on any console.