In comparison to its recent predecessors, the Far Cry 5 makes some big modifications to how players upgrade their character and almost all of those modifications are for the better. There are many similarities in between Far Cry 4 and 5. Despite their varying narrative sensibilities and geographic settings, they feel, look, and sound nearly similar, and feature the same arsenals and enemy-types. The character upgrades, however, function very differently.

As players play Far Cry 4, they earn points that they could use to unlock new abilities. The abilities give rise to a bunch of four-tier paths, and players could only unlock second-tier ability after unlocking the first-tier ability. In Far Cry 5, the players even earn points that they could use to unlock new abilities. At the first glance, the skill page seems to contain the same number of nodes (50 to Far Cry 4‘s 48), but that is mostly as the previous game’s crafting system entirely has been removed, and some of the things the players used to have to craft for (holsters, ammo capacity) now are on the skill page. Ten of Far Cry 5‘s skills are as well follower-specific skills.

Players could unlock most of Far Cry 5‘s upgrades in any order that is a nice change from the earlier game. Some need the players to have unlocked a preceding ability generally as they enhance or modify the first ability, and some others need the players to have done something in the world. Though, in general, the upgrade tree is not a tree at all. It is more of a field.

The differences in between the games become starker when players take a closer look at each individual skill. A bunch of unlockable skills of Far Cry 4 was the basic moves that the players’ character starts out with, in Far Cry 5. Those include- Heavy Takedown, Auto Loot on Stealth Takedown, Running Reload, Fire While Moving a Body, Reload a Sniper Rifle While Scoped In, Be Able to Carry a Downed Heavy Enemy, Death from Above, and Death from below.

The thing that all of those abilities possess in common is that they are not really “abilities”. They do not feel like upgrades. It feels much more like the players’ character begins with a bunch of debuffs that they eliminate gradually to get to a reasonable base level.

Some of the skills, such as firing while moving a body, are things players could do in just about any first-person shooter. The others such as auto-looting on a stealth takedown, basically are convenience upgrades, where they are spending points just to eliminate busywork. All of them should not actually be skills players require to save up and purchase.

Of the rest of the Far Cry 4 abilities, which have carried over to Far Cry 5, a few have been lumped together or otherwise streamlined: Many of FC4’s special takedowns (chain takedowns, sidearm takedowns) have collaborated into one takedown skill, health kits replenish all of the players’ health and do not require to be upgraded, that kind of thing. The others have been eliminated: there is no takedown-drag in Far Cry 5, nor there are vehicle takedowns. They even cut the “Elephant Rider” perk. The overall effect is that players’ character begins with a reasonable skill-set and most of the upgrades really feel like upgrades.