Fantasy Football: 10 Biggest Reactions to NFL Week 13 | Fantasy football news, rankings and predictions

• Teams manipulate their backfields: Many teams changed how they used their fullbacks, some moving to the rotation they used earlier in the season and others to something entirely new.

• Injuries dominate week 13: Several teams dealt with injuries. Some teams had a direct replacement. Some more complex situations are included here.

• New coaches make unexpected changes: the Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive coordinator Matt Canada was recently fired, instead Carolina Panthers Frank Reich was fired last week.

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These are my top 10 reactions to the games from Sunday’s slate. For more in-depth details, check out my full portfolio Sunday recap.

The planes adjust the running backspin: it was there Reports before the match Which Dalvin Cook He would receive more carries this week, which ended up being true.

  • Cook ran the ball nine times, his highest since Week 1. He has run two or fewer runs in four of his last five games.
  • The Jets spent most of the season with Press Hall And Cook share the early role while… Michael Carter I played third. Slowly but surely, Hall was taking more time away from Cook.
  • Once Carter was released, Cook became the starter at third, meaning the release meant little change for Hall.
  • Cook returned this week to taking a higher percentage of snaps on early downs. In contrast, Hall still received the most work on early downs but was also third down.
  • Hall was completely ineffective in the running game with 16 yards on 13 carries, but he scored six of his eight targets. It was only the fifth time in his career that he caught six or more assists.
  • The move would likely be a positive change for Hall’s fantasy value. This would mean fewer carries but more goals, which are more valuable for fantasy points.
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Devin Singletary He sees a reduced role: The Texans’ backfield played similar to how it was earlier in the season rather than what it had been in recent weeks.

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