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Fans created GoFundMe pages to restore Kanye West to billionaire status — here’s the result


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It hasn’t been long since Kanye West lost his power Billion dollar situation, and indeed some fans are going the extra mile to restore West’s net worth.

Billionaire status: as such Afrotec I mentioned earlier, yeezy She led the founder’s severed ties with Adidas net value to drop to $400 million, according to Forbes magazine.

However, some steadfast fans seem to be looking to create a redemption arc for West, and are using GoFundMe pages to organize their efforts.

“Make Kanye West a Billionaire Again”

One page even explained that their goal was to “make Kanye West a billionaire again,” according to Rolling rock.

TMZ Reports indicate that these efforts have been far from successful.

In fact, of the different pages that came up, none of them earned more than $25, and on average most of them earned between $5-6.

Since then, GoFundMe has taken action to remove these pages for breaching their terms of service because the funds collected are required to be used in the details mentioned on the page. Additionally, it was removed because West was not a beneficiary.

Although these efforts from users seem questionable, this isn’t the first time people have rallied behind West in the form of crowdfunding.

Important to note: In 2016, West shared that he had $53 million in religion on Twitter and was searching for Facebook Mark Zuckerberg To intervene by investing a billion dollars to support his ideas.

West wrote, “Mark Zuckerberg invested $1 billion in Kanye West’s ideas… after realizing he was the greatest living artist and greatest artist of all time.” e! Connected.

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Get Kanye out of debt

vibration Reports, Jeremy Pyatt has been looking to save West from his financial turmoil. So, he created a GoFundMe campaign called “Get Kanye Out Of Debt” which raised $57,398 from a goal of $53 million.

Results: The West did not accept the money raised.

Therefore, Piatt had to donate money to the Notes for Notes charity.

“Mr. Kanye West’s camp has rejected the money raised by this GoFundMe campaign. We are pleased to announce that they will instead be directed towards a premium charitable organization, Notes for Notes. Instead of funding Mr. West’s artistic vision, 100% of the money will be directed to aspiring young musicians.” who hope to realize their dreams,” according to a statement on the page, according to Vibe.

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