It is very soon to call Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 a flop. The S9 and S9+, after all, were released just over a month ago, and there is no telling how things would play out. That being said, all early indications suggest that the sales of the company’s new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ phones have been really disappointing. Many reports citing the supply chain sources have made claims that the S9 sales have so far come in well below the expectations and that the initial-month sales figures were below Galaxy S8 and S8+ sales during the same period. On top of all that, S9 and S9+ costs already have been cut down at almost every big wireless carrier in the U.S. This obviously is a terrible sign, and also more so when it is considered that Samsung and its carrier partners had already preorder deals and special discounted launch bundles.

It is hard to pinpoint why exactly the Galaxy S9 sales have been this disappointing. The handsets themselves are fantastic. Some of the industry watchers believe that the design is the issue. The new S9 and S9+ almost look exactly like the last year’s S8 and S8+, so it is possible that consumers do not view them as worthwhile upgrades, especially as they are so expensive. Whatever may be the case, Samsung is lucky in that it has a thriving component business to assist pick up the slack. Still, all eyes would be on the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ next year as the company seeks to reassert its dominance in the high-end smartphone market. It still is a long wait before the S10 is unveiled.

Rumors ahead of Samsung’s S9 and S9+ launch suggested that Samsung was working on a redesign for its 2018 flagship smartphones. The company decided apparently to postpone or cancel its Galaxy S redesign and opted instead to release new flagship phones that appear just as its old flagship phones.

The company’s S10 and S10+ would be two of the most hotly anticipated phones in 2019. It entirely is possible that Samsung chose to push the huge redesign it was working on back a year, and the consumers would end up seeing it debut on the company’s new S10 phones.

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 design takes elements from Samsung’s current S8 and S9 design but actually modernizes them. The largest change in the phone is the display. The company’s current Infinity screen design depicts curved sides and reasonably small bezels below and above the screen. This Samsung Galaxy S10 concept takes the things even further by almost completely eliminating the bezels below and above the Super AMOLED display.

The other big changes could be noticed on the back of the phone, where there no longer is a fingerprint scanner beneath the dual-lens camera. The company is rumored to be working on making the inclusion of an under-display ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for its flagship smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy S10 may indeed be one of the initial Samsung handsets to ship with the nifty new technology.