Facebook autocomplete search bar was not safe for the work or home on Thursday night. On typing “video of” in the search bar, it gives us a disturbing result. The first video that suggests by facebook autocomplete bar was the “ video of a girl sucking d***.” Jonah Bennett, a researcher and also a journalist said that he comes across this from his friend, he shared the screenshot of the search results in his twitter account and wrote that “ Go to your Facebook search bar and type: video of and see what the search bar suggests.”

The search results were back to normal after a couple of hours, but Bennett again tried to search in Spanish and he wrote “videos de…” and the second result that it suggest him was live sex videos. Facebook did not respond to a request to comment on the results issue. The social network was criticized in the last week for asking users about “whether pedophiles should be able to proposition underage girls for sexually explicit photographs on the social network.”

Facebook always want to help its users to find what they want easily among the billions of staus, photos, and videos that are shared on the social network. Since many years, the search bar on the Facebook is used by its users to find other users. In 2014, Facebook changes the search bar into a search tool, in which you can find other users along with the trending topics that are going around.

Google’s autocomplete results have programmed with the algorithms which learn about the what the people usually search. Google had to adjust its algorithm in such a way that it vanish the autocomplete search results that are violent, hateful, sexually explicit. Facebook is now getting challenges from the Google in vanishing the violent results from autocomplete search results successfully.