Facebook is rapidly changing its policy after a huge uproar for leaked data of many users. Cambridge Analytica, a firm which helps Trump in the presidential election has got data of about 50 million users. After this scandal, Facebook faces criticism from all over the world and to overcome all this Facebook now blocks app review process so that new changes can be implemented.

Facebook announced that it is temporarily preventing new apps and chatbots from joining its platform. The company already said that it is going to limit the developers access to user data. This move comes after the data privacy scandal. Facebook is now re-evaluating the process of approving the apps due to which a third-party app called “thisisyourdigitallife” was able to get data and transfer the same to Cambridge Analytica. After this event, Facebook is bringing new rules to regain the trust that the company has lost due to this scandal. Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, Ime Archibong  said that “ We know these changes are not easy, but we believe these updates will help mitigate any breach of trust with the broader developer ecosystem.”

Archibong also said that there will be series of changes in the Facebook in the coming weeks which include “in-depth review of our platform.” This review will be involving a full audit of any app which has suspicious activity. It will be a way to inform users about an app that a user has given permission to see the personal data is misusing their data and for which it is removed.

A co-founder of a digital agency complaint to Facebook about the sudden pause and said: “Imagine hundreds of hours of work, tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment capital, and dozens of clients disappearing at any moment at the whim of a few lines of code.”