Post Facebook CEO Zuckerberg grilled before Congress for two days, on Tuesday and Wednesday, users of this biggest social media platform have started doubting their privacy. People have started speculating whether there is actually any privacy or not.

During the hearing before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday, the Facebook CEO was asked whether their company was having complete detail of people those even had no account on the social media platform.

To answer this, Zuckerberg replied that they normally gather data of people those who have never signed up with the social media for security concerns. According to Julia Angwin, the investigating reporter, Facebook is not the only of its kind who does all these.

In this context, Facebook functions the same way as of Google. In fact, almost all web-based companies do the similar thing. Most of they have the secret tracking tools that they incorporate over the websites across the web. Through the process, they can map everything about a user’s visit, which enables advertisers to follow the user. Facebook is simply the one among many companies that follow the similar strategy of tracking the users.

The prime intention of Facebook behind all these is simply to get as much information about its users as it is possible. Powered by this strategy, the ad categories set around the people are always quite targeted. They ensure about the likings of every person, and also the disliking. In fact, according to the investigating officer, they too were having an advertising category that was about a person who loves to pretend to text in weird occasions. It’s obvious that these are the things they want to know simply with the hope that the advertiser will be purchasing the specific advertising category.

This is an important concern. First of all, one should check the entire privacy setting and lock those down. The other method one can try to stay secured from the privacy threats, when not on the social media, is to use the tools meant for blocking the advertisement tracking process. There are various incredible tools available in this regard; one can make use of any of these tools on their devices.