Facebook said that it wants to be fully transparent in explaining the policies to consumers. The latest change in policies can make all the consumers scratch their heads. The social media giant issued a series of updates of the new data policy on Wednesday.

The data policy and terms of service are not changing about what the company collects from its users or it is overhauling the privacy policies. According to the latest statements of the Facebook, it said that they want to throw light on how much data they collect from you and what kind of information they share with another third-party service.

The user who is concerned about the privacy is not comforted in reading. The new data policy is now about the third-party apps like games or quizzes which is allowed to have your comments or links that you send from the app on Facebook. This kind of apps can also access your public profile and other information that you have shared with them. The information that these third-party apps collect from you is not subject to Facebook terms and policies but it is collected as per apps own standards.

The CEO of web security company High-Tech Bridge Ilia Kolochenko said, “Facebook has made substantial progress, but whether it is clearer I’m not so sure.” He also added that the consumers must know about the use of free service by them like Facebook, and their data will be used for commercial purposes. Facebook is paying for the cloud service, storage and security and this is done by selling ads based as per consumers information which is the heart of the business model.

The change in Facebook policies are only in the form of proposals and the company said in a statement that it is going to solicit comments at least for seven days before making the new terms and policies official. Consumers can still get the ideas about the information that the company collects about them by following some steps in the Facebook.

According to Kolochenko, many customers do not read the data and terms of service statements properly as they are very long. This ignorance of not reading the data policies may lead to misunderstanding about the data that is used in the social media giant. You can read the data policy and terms in the Facebook and if you got any questions about the same or have some doubt over the data policy and terms service then you can send them feedback to clarify your doubt.

Some users cannot remember the privacy settings for the Facebook posts, apps or profile. In order to know about the privacy, you can run a privacy checkup in your account. This privacy checkup can be found by clicking on the question mark icon which is present at the top of your Facebook Page. Then you can choose “Privacy Checkup” and the service will take you to your settings which include that you can delete third-party apps or you can disable them also.

You can download your Facebook data to know about the things that Facebook has collected about you. It helps you to know about the sharing of data by you to the Facebook and also to advertisers.

The one change in Facebook’s data privacy policy is about the sharing of data with other services like Instagram and WhatsApp. It is important that you review the settings for the same and Facebook is not providing any information about the photo-sharing and messaging services.