Facebook adds a new feature that allows users to create GIFs using its built-in camera. With the ever-growing popularity of GIFs, Facebook users can take their stories and conversations to a whole new level. From now on, they can not only post GIFs in comments or on timelines, they can also create their own GIFs using the app’s built-in camera.

The whole process to create your own GIFs is rather simple. Just look for the new GIF icon on top of the app’s camera interface. Once you’ve spotted the GIF option, you can start making your own GIFs using all the stickers and filters that are offered with app’s camera.

facebook gif

However, the feature isn’t available for everyone as of now. Currently, it is gradually being rolled out only on iOS devices. Also, Facebook hasn’t revealed any details as to when it plans to make the feature available for everyone. Neither is there any information whether the feature will arrive on Android.

To recall, Facebook added native GIF support back in early 2016. The addition of GIFs turned out to be quite a success as nearly 13 million GIFs were reportedly sent through Messenger alone last year.

Also, the social networking giant added a GIF comment button to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the format. It can be used to reply to statuses or comments on posts. With the GIF button, users can also select and search for GIFs and draw from the Giphy library along with other GIF services.

In recent years, Facebook has been working rather hard to make its News Feed more interactive and appealing to users. Back in March, it also introduced a new camera that features multiple effects such as masks, frames, as well filters that you can apply to photos and videos.

Facebook also rolled out a new Stories feature to keep up with rivals like Snapchat and Instagram. The latest ability to create your own GIFs should make interacting on Facebook a lot more appealing. But at the moment, the GIF feature has only been spotted on a few iOS devices.