With the online ecosystem of Nintendo Switch set to be launched officially in the month of September (complete with a yearly fee that customer should pay to play online), there is rather a big elephant in the room that requires being addressed, and that is voice chat. The voice chatting solutions that are currently there for the Switch are actually inelegant, as those wishing to have a communication with the other players usually need to do so via a mobile app. Since the voice chat is not handled on the Switch console itself, allowing the players chat with their friends while listening to in-game audio approaches as a big challenge for the manufacturers looking forward to making headsets for the Switch.

The case in point is the monstrosity from HORI. Having made the announcement around the time Splatoon 2 came out, this headset lets the players to hear what is happening in the game as they keep on chatting with their teammates and their friends via the mobile app of the Switch, but it does so in a way that does not feel or look all that great. It should not be held against HORI, although, as it appears that the company has done the best that it could with the wacky online setup Nintendo has thrust upon it.

No one is very sure that it is possible that another manufacturer could come up with a better solution. But if it is, it is just hoped that Astro Gaming could do it. Astro made an announcement today of a new partnership with Nintendo that would see it release a headset specifically made for the Switch in the later part of the current year. As said by the Digital Trends, the headset would be arriving in time for the holidays and would feature designs centered around the characters of Nintendo, but apart from that, nothing else is known regarding it.

It can much more likely be counted on Astro to deliver a pair of cans that sound good, but there is no mention of the voice chat in the announcement that was made today. People as of now need to wait until and unless they are closer to the release in order to find out as to how – or even if at all– Astro would make any attempt to fix that issue, as well as what the headset would look like and as to how much would be the price of it.

In the much more immediate future, this partnership would witness the creation of Nintendo-themed speaker tags for the Astro A40 line. These speaker tags would be themed around the original Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. 3. They appear pretty much neater, but as of the present time, there is not any detail on the pricing or the release dates for them. People just need to keep their fingers crossed as here is just a hoping that Astro could come up with a nicer solution for the big voice chat problem of the Switch.